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You can choose any of these topics that you’d like to write about. There is no deadline, so feel free to write about a topic(s) at the time that works best for you.

10/30/17 Favorite Book Review. Tell us about your favorite book. Here’s a great list of questions you can answer to talk about why this book is so awesome! Don’t forget to add other media to pull your audience in!

10/23/17 Halloween Short Story. Here’s a list of short story starters for the Spooky Season. Write a flash fiction piece, a poem, or what ever you want. Showcase your creative talents on your blog!

10/16/17 What do you want to do with your English degree? This article outlines many possible careers you might be able to land with a major in English. What career do you want to get with your #bsuenglish degree?

10/9/17 Free speech. What do you think of free speech on college campuses? When does free speech become hate speech? Read this article on why free speech is necessary on college campuses and this article about free speech versus hate speech to inform your post.

10/2/17 Job discrimination. Read this article from everydayfeminism.com. What are ways in which the job application process can alienate potential applicants?

9/25/17  Why you can’t work your way through college anymore. Read this article from NPR. How difficult is it to pay for college with the money you make over the summer?

9/18/17 College mobility culture. Read this article on vox.com. Do colleges subtly discriminate against poor and first-generation students?

Thanks for writing:

Audrey Bowers

M.K. Harlan

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Cathy Day

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