The Digital Literature Review is an undergraduate journal featuring peer-reviewed research by multiple contributors from various universities and academic disciplines. Each issue of the DLR will focus on a compelling theme that inspires original, thought-provoking research. In its current theme of Freak Shows and Human Zoos, this journal will feature pieces that examine the characteristics of  human exhibition and display in various aspects of culture, such as film, literature, and television. This annual, student-run journal is a product of Ball State University’s immersive learning initiative and is supported by the BSU English Department and the Office of the Provost.

The Digital Literature Review is looking for submissions for our fifth issue, titled “Imagining the Post-Apocalypse.” Submissions should focus on topics such as depictions of human society after a massive natural disaster or environmental collapse, or in the wake of plagues, technological breakdowns, nuclear war, or depictions of human life after an alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, or other imagined monstrous threat. We welcome original, engaging, scholarly submissions that explore and examine literary and filmic representations of societal collapse and post-apocalyptic situations.

If you are a Ball State student and are looking for an immersive learning experience, e-mail dlr@bsu.edu to get involved.