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Bryan Lubeck: Fortune 500 Marketer, Professional Musician

Guest post by Charlie Cain

Bryan Lubeck graduated from Ball State University with a major in English in 1989.  He has gone on to hold executive marketing positions with several fortune 500 companies and to a successful career in music.

What drew you to BSU English?

Well I went to Ball State not quite knowing what I wanted to do. I had a music background.  My original plan was to be a singer/dancer, maybe a guitarist. I did come to Ball State with a guitar scholarship, a small one, but my main goal was to be in the University Singers. But then it sort of dawned on me that my classical guitar playing, singing, and music theatre were going nowhere. I thought maybe I would get a business degree and become a producer. Continue reading

Alisha Layman Studies Abroad in Greece with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies

In the following blog post, Dr. Paul Ranieri writes about a summer study abroad program to Greece that he frequently teaches in.  In the post, Dr. Ranieri shares the experiences of Alisha Layman, a Creative Writing major who recently completed the program.

*Photo provided by Alisha Layman

*Photo provided by Alisha Layman

Alisha Layman (Creative Writing) always wanted to go to Greece as far back as she can remember.  “When I was in third grade I picked up my first Greek mythology book and I’ve been in love with Greece and mythology ever since. So then I heard about the KIIS Greece trip when I was a freshman at Ball State, and I determined I was going to go before I graduated.”

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Dr. Paul Ranieri Quoted In the New York Times!

Here at the English Department Blog, we would like to congratulate Dr. Paul Ranieri on his appearance in the New York Times article, “General Studies Moves to the Mainstream,”  by Eric Platt.  Dr. Ranieri was quoted in his role as the Executive Director of the Association for General and Liberal Studies. According to the AGLS website, “the association works by providing models of teaching and leadership to develop and enhance programs of general education and liberal studies.” I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Ranieri and talk about the New York Times piece, his role as the director of the association, and the importance of a strong liberal education.

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