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Creating an English Club in Burkina Faso’s Evolving Educational System: A Photo Exhibition

In his latest guest post, Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde returns with a photo exhibition of the school where he teaches. Read the post below to learn of Burkina Faso’s evolving educational system as well as how Mamadou is helping his school’s newly created English Club stay ahead of the curve. Following the post are several enlightening photos of various activities organized by the Club.

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Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde Presents a Photo Tour of his Hometown, Bobo Dioulasso, in Burkina Faso

In past posts, recent Ball State alum and Fulbright recipient Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde has discussed his experience in American academia as well as his return home to Burkina Faso. In this post, Mamadou concentrates on his hometown, Bobo Dioulasso, via an extensive photo essay tour in which he provides dozens of photos from around the city as well as his explanation of each. Continue to the post to see and read about some of the city’s highlights as selected by Mamadou.

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International Education: Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde On His Education in America (Part II)

Recent Ball State alum, Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde, continues his series of guest posts with Part II, in which he recounts his experiences surrounding his return to Burkina Faso. In this post, Mamadou discusses the value of education as well as how he utilized his English degree to earn a job teaching English in several private high schools. To see Part I of Mamadou’s post, click here.

A primary school teacher in Burkina Faso makes about $200 a month. A state high school teacher makes about $300 a month. I am sure most Americans would consider this outrageous. Well, they should not. Compared to life in the United States, life in Burkina Faso is not expensive. Most civil servants or government employees are pretty satisfied with what they are earning. However, here is where it gets complicated.

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International Education: Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde On His Education in America (Part I)

Recent Ball State alum and Fulbright recipient,  Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde, recounts his experience of moving from his home in Burkina Faso to the United States in order to earn his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Ball State University. In his first installment in a series of guest posts, Mamadou discusses his reactions to receiving the Fulbright, traveling to a foreign country, and adjusting to life in Indiana. In future posts, Mamadou will share his thoughts on his English education and discuss how he is utilizing his Ball State English degree.

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