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Transcending boundaries: A new faculty profile of Molly Ferguson

Say hello to Molly Ferguson, who recently joined our Ball State English family as an assistant professor.

Molly earned her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in August 2010 and has been teaching at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY since 2011. Molly will be teaching courses in postcolonial literature, contemporary British literature, Irish literature, drama, and gender studies. She favors texts with complex narrative techniques, magical realism, and black comedy.

Nashville booksHer research has focused on contemporary Irish literature and ghost stories, investigating how supernatural and folk tales in the writing act as safety valves for the collective anxieties of a culture.

Moving forward, she is working on framing postcolonial writing that draws on the supernatural as human rights speech. Much of her work and teaching intersects trauma theory with feminist and postcolonial theories.

Here, Molly outlines her journey.

How did you get interested in Irish literature and ghost stories? 

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