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Patrick Collier on "Everyday Life in Middletown"

In this interview, #bsuenglish professor Patrick Collier discusses his Virginia Ball Center seminar “Everyday Life in Middletown.”


What did the project entail?

These Virginia Ball seminars are semester-long projects where students get up to 15 credits for their participation, the teacher gets a fellowship, and that gets him or her out of teaching responsibility or any other responsibility on campus. The subject of the seminar was “Everyday Life in Middletown.” Middletown, I assume you know, is Muncie. There’s this history of Muncie being referred to as Middletown since the ’20s when the Lynds did their sociological study in Muncie and it became a national best-seller.

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Adrienne Bliss on Working with Indiana Prisons

We interviewed #bsuenglish professor Adrienne Bliss about the volunteer work she has been doing with women’s prisons for the past five years.

AdrienneBliss.jpgCould you describe what you do?

I am a volunteer in … two ways: I started out with a program called Angels Wings. … They work with the nursery program, Wee Ones there at Indiana Women’s Prison. … It’s pretty innovative actually, and we do baby showers, we do baby’s first Christmas, baby’s first Easter, things like that. … And then on the education side, I both teach as a volunteer professor and I volunteer in the library.

Want to spend a semester in New York City?

Brandon Buechley, Ball State undergrad.

Brandon Buechley, Ball State undergrad

Brandon Buechley is a Creative Writing major at Ball State University.

He recently took part in the New York Arts Program, where he worked with DAW Books, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House.

He also worked with the Manhattan-based Guerrilla Lit Reading Series.

We had the opportunity to talk to Brandon about his internship experience in New York City. Here’s what he had to say!

Your English skills are valuable

The New York Arts Program accepts students with skills and passions in all the liberal arts, creative writing included. My English major was obviously a contributing factor in my acceptance into the program.

I was able to present a few pieces I’ve worked on in Ball State courses, showing the program coordinators what I had to offer.

The program tends to have more artists and media specialists than creative writers, so I think the skills I brought to the table certainly helped me stand out.

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Interview with Recent Alum Tyler Gobble on Living the Writer’s Life and Winning a Book Award


Tyler Gobble graduated from Ball State University in May 2011. He is a multi-hat wearer for Magic Helicopter Press and host of the Everything Is Bigger reading series at Malvern Books in Austin, TX. He has plopped out four chapbooks, with two others called Other People’s Poems (Radioactive Moat) and Collected Feelings with Layne Ransom (Forklift INK) forthcoming, and his first full-length will be out from Coconut Books in the fall of 2014. He likes disc golf, tank tops, and bacon, and yes, in that order. Feel free to mosey a message over to gobble.tyler@gmail.com for whatever reasons.

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In Print Interview: Elena Passarello, Nonfiction Writer

Elena Passarello is this year’s nonfiction author for the In Print Festival of First Books, which will be held on March 19 and 20 this yearHer debut collection of personal essays, Let Me Clear My Throat, was published last year by Sarabande Books. Below, Passarello discusses her book, inspirations, and writing experiences among other topics in an interview conducted by Veronica Sipe. Also, be sure to check out an interview with In Print Festival’s fiction author Eugene Cross, and don’t forget to join us on March 19 and 20 at 7:30 PM in the Student Center Ballroom for the 8th annual In Print Festival of First Books!

*Photo provided by Elena Passarello

*Photo provided by Elena Passarello

Elena Passarello is the author of Let Me Clear My Throat (Sarabande 2012). Her writing on music, performance, pop culture, and the natural world has appeared in Slate, Creative Nonfiction, the Normal School, Ninth Letter, the Iowa Review, and the 2012 music writing anthology Pop When the World Falls Apart. For a decade, Elena worked as an actor and voice-over performer throughout the East Coast and in the Midwest. She is an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University.

The following interview was conducted by Broken Plate 2013 student faculty member Veronica Sipe.

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In Print Interview: Eugene Cross, Fiction Writer

The annual In Print Festival of First Books at Ball State University includes readings, discussions, and classroom visits with authors who have recently published their first books. The two-day event, which takes place on March 19 and 20, typically includes three emerging authors and an editor or publisher. This year, the authors are Eugene Cross (fiction), Elena Passarello (nonfiction), and Marcus Wicker (poetry). Fulfilling this year’s editor/publisher slot is Sarah M. Wells, editor of Riverteeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative.

In Print also marks the release of The Broken Plate. This year, the editors of The Broken Plate asked the visiting authors to contribute an interview to the issue. TBP’s editors would like to note that they are grateful to Eugene Cross, Elena Passarello, and Marcus Wicker for the opportunity to share their ideas about writing with the readers of TBP. In the weeks leading up to In Print, we will be excerpting these author interviews here on the BSU English Department blog. Continue below to read Eugene Cross‘s interview.

*Photo provided by Eugene Cross

*Photo provided by Eugene Cross

Eugene Cross is the author of Fires of Our Choosing, published by Dzanc Books in 2012. His stories have appeared in Narrative Magazine (which named him one of “20 Best New Writers”), American Short Fiction, Story Quarterly, and TriQuarterly, among other publications. He is the recipient of scholarships from the Chautauqua Writers’ Festival and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. He currently lives in Chicago where he teaches in the Fiction Department at Columbia College, Chicago.

The following interview was conducted by Broken Plate 2013 student faculty member Chaylee Brock.

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Intern Tyler Fields Interviews Mai Kuha About her Work as a Linguist

In our latest post, English intern Tyler Fields interviews Assistant Professor Mai Kuha about her work as a linguist, her participation in Ball State’s Council on the Environment, and her future plans and publications. Additionally, Mai discusses her recent work in the fields of socio- and ecolinguistics. Continue reading below to see Mai’s interview.

*Photo provided by Mai Kuha

*Photo provided by Mai Kuha

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New Faculty Profile: Dr. Maria Windell

Last week, the English Department began a short series of profile posts to feature each of our nine newest faculty members. Each New Faculty Profile interview was conducted by English interns Tyler Fields and Nakkia Patrick and graduate student Craig Schmidt. Last week’s post featured Dr. Miranda Nesler. Continue reading below to see this week’s profile of Dr. Maria Windell who was interviewed by graduate student Craig Schmidt.

Dr. Maria Windell is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Originally, she intended to major in Geology and Oceanography. But, after her first year, she changed her major to English and transferred to Purdue University. She earned her BA from Purdue University and her MA and PhD from University of Virginia. She specializes in Early American and Ethnic Literature.

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New Faculty Profile: Dr. Miranda Nesler

In the last two years, Ball State English has welcomed nine new faculty members to the department. Undergraduate interns Tyler Fields and Nakkia Patrick, as well as graduate student Craig Schmidt, each interviewed three of the new faculty for profiles. We begin our new faculty profiles this week with  Dr. Miranda Nesler. Continue below to read Dr. Nesler’s interview conducted by Craig Schmidt.

Dr. Miranda Nesler grew up in Houston, Texas, where she attended an all girls’ prep school called Duchesne Academy. She earned her BA from Texas Christian University in English and Philosophy, and she earned her MA and PhD from Vanderbilt University. She specializes in Early Modern British Literature.

*Photo provided by Miranda Nesler

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Interns Tyler Fields and Nakkia Patrick Interview Michael Meyerhofer About his Book, Damnatio Memoriae

Last year, BSU English professor Michael Meyerhofer released his third full-length book of poetry, Damnatio Memoriae. To recognize this achievement, interns Tyler Fields and Nakkia Patrick interviewed him to discuss various aspects of his new book as well as his publishing process, future plans, and his writing inspirations. See the interview below.

*Photo provided by Michael Meyerhofer

Tell us a little bit about your book, Damnatio Memoriae.

Damnatio Memoriae is my third full-length poetry book.  Like my others, it’s basically a “selected” of all the poems I’d written over the course of about two or three years (with maybe a few older, revised ones sprinkled in).

I tend to be all over the place in terms of subject matter; some of the poems cover autobiographical/childhood stuff but there’s a lot of random factoids and oddball musings there, too.  I basically try to take the reader with me wherever I go, like a well-intentioned but extremely dysfunctional carnival ride.

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