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Elmar Hashimov to Present at April’s First Friday Series

Hashimov FF

Most writing instructors are well-versed in teaching secondary research: browsing databases, choosing sources, creating bibliographies, and citing sources properly. At the same time, many of us seem to avoid teaching primary, hands-on research. Perhaps, this is an issue because this type of research can be more intimidating or less familiar, or simply because instructors have little experience and few examples.

To help Ball State instructors learn more about teaching primary research, Elmar Hashimov, recipient of the Writing Program’s 2013 Summer Research Fellowship, will present “Go Do: Heuristics for Hands-On Research for Writing Teachers” as part of Ball State University Writing Program’s First Friday speaker series. Hashimov is a doctoral candidate in rhetoric and composition and assistant director of the Writing Center. He studies and teaches writing, digital literacies, and qualitative research.

His talk explores the research of “how things work” (Stake, 2010)—specifically ethnography and case study, which are arguably the most useful for learning, researching, and teaching writing. Learning through hands-on qualitative research not only helps fill the gap in our students’ education, but also makes their learning experience more engaging. Moreover, as Creswell (2009) argues, this type of research “honors an inductive style, a focus on individual meaning, and the importance of rendering the complexity of a situation.” It emphasizes the interpretive nature of knowledge, as well as the importance of the particular that serves in understanding the complex.

His presentation will explore the theory and practice of hands-on qualitative research as well as help build a hands-on research toolkit for writing teachers.

The event will take place on Friday, April 4, 2014 at noon in the Schwartz Digital Viewing Room on the first floor of Bracken Library. Please direct questions about the series or the presentation to the Writing Program office.

First Friday Series: “Responding to Student Writing in the Age of Apps” on March 7

March First Friday PosterOverwhelmed by stacks of papers? Ready to go online, but not sure how it will affect your response practices? The Writing Program’s next First Friday Series speakers can help. Recipients of the Writing Program’s 2013 Summer Research Fellowship, Dr. Jennifer Grouling, English department assistant professor and director of the Writing Center, and Aly Schweigert, graduate assistant director of the Writing Center, will present “Commenting with Technology: Responding to Student Writing in the Age of Apps.”

This presentation and workshop will look at the ways our commenting changes when we move from grading on hardcopy to Blackboard to the iPad. Grouling and Schweigert report the results of a research study looking at instructor comments in a variety of formats. They’ll also talk you through using the iPad to respond to student work, including the use of Dropbox and Notability. This workshop will help you think about your current commenting practices and how those practices might be impacted by technology.

All are welcome to join us Friday, March 7 at 10:00 AM in the Schwartz Digital Viewing Room, located on the first floor of Bracken Library. Bring an iPad if you have one.

Please direct any questions to the Writing Program office.

First Friday Series: Teaching Composition

The First Friday Series continues this month with graduate teaching assistants presenting on a variety of topics related to the teaching of composition. The Ball State Writing Program invites you to the 2nd floor of Robert Bell on Tuesday, October 15 and Thursday, October 17 from 12:30 to 1:45 for these poster presentations.
id601 presenters

First Friday Series: Nicki Litherland Baker

The Writing Program’s First Friday Series for composition instructors is back. Join us this Friday, September 6, for a presentation by Nicki Litherland Baker about helping students answer their own research questions—using their own data. Along with suggested readings, semester layout, and assignment descriptions, Nicki will show student work as well as preliminary results of a course efficacy study of her own ENG 104 classes. Remember to bring a laptop or a tablet to access files for better viewing. See you this Friday in the Schwartz Digital Complex in Bracken Library at 1 PM.



First Friday Series: Mike Palmquist

The Writing Program’s final First Friday event of the semester is this week. And it’s an exciting one! Renowned Rhetoric & Composition scholar and author Mike Palmquist will visit to give two talks: a lecture on book publishing and a workshop on research writing as a rhetorical act. The event will take place this Friday, April 5, at the Schwartz Digital Complex (in Bracken Library) with the following schedule:

Part I:
10:00 am – Talk 1: “The Book, the Future of Scholarly Publishing, and the Publishing Collaborative”
Open event

Part II:
11:00 am – Lunch (RSVP needed)
12:00 pm – Talk 2: “Research Writing as a Rhetorical Act”


First Friday Series: Stephanie Hedge

On Friday, March 1, Ball State’s Writing Program will present the next installment of the First Friday Series featuring English graduate student Stephanie Hedge. Stephanie will discuss ways to incorporate emerging technologies into teaching practices, focusing on mobile devices, social media, and collaborative technologies. Be sure to join us at 9:00 AM in Robert Bell 361 for this free and informative event.


First Friday Series: Geri Strecker

This semester’s First Friday Series will kick off with February’s installment featuring English faculty member Geri Strecker. Geri will speak on the subject of Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) in the composition classroom and discuss teaching and tutoring strategies to help students with AS succeed. Her research on this topic won a Writing Program Summer Research Fellowship Award in 2012. Be sure to join us at 4 PM on February 1st in RB 125 for this exciting and informative event.

FF4 Flyer Geri

First Friday Series: Dr. Paul Kei Matsuda

This Friday, November 2nd, the Writing Program will host its final First Friday event of the semester. We are lucky to have a very distinguished researcher and author, Dr. Paul Kei Matsuda, join us to give a talk (via live video-stream) on his work with second-language student writers.
Dr. Matsuda directs Second-Language Writing at Arizona State University, where he works closely with students in the PhD program in Rhetoric, Composition, and Linguistics, as well as with grad students in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. He has done extensive research and published widely on second-language writing, rhetoric, composition, and linguistics.
Be sure to join us on Friday, November 2 at 4:00 pm in BC 129 for this free and exciting event!

First Friday Series: Bridget Gelms

This year’s First Friday Series will kick off with September’s installment featuring Bridget Gelms. Bridget is a 2012 Writing Program Research Fellow and will speak on the subject of multimodal projects and how instructors can encourage more innovative work from their students. Be sure to join us at 9 AM on September 21 in The Writing Center,  RB 291, for this exciting and informative event.

First Friday Series: Jeff Grabill & Bill Hart-Davidson

The Writing Program’s First Friday Series returns with April’s installment featuring Jeff Grabill and Bill Hart-Davidson. In this free event, Grabill and Hart-Davidson will discuss Eli: a revolutionary web service which supports peer review activity. Be sure to join us at 10 AM on April 20 in BC 129 for this exciting and informative event.