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Audrey Bowers: Founder and Editor in Chief of Brave Voices Magazine

New series: 

What’s a pilgrim soul? Yeats might say that it’s who we really are, not who we pretend to be. We say it’s someone who isn’t afraid to admit they’re searching, a current student who is on a path, but doesn’t know exactly where it will lead. 

By Macy Jo Byerly


#Bsuenglish students are doing incredible
Audrey Bowers recently  founded Brave Voices Magazine, a literary and arts magazine that focuses on publishing
creative works related to the human experience. Bowers is a senior creative writing major at Ball State. She is a passionate storyteller, artist, teacher, social media manager, and editor. She loves corgis, children, and succulents. Her work has been published in the
Ball State Daily News, StudyBreaks Magazine, RethinkingKidLit.com, among other publications. She is editor in chief of Brave Voices Magazine.

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