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Good News, November 2014

Tuesday = Good News

In the latest installment of the “Good News” series, the Ball State English department highlights the accomplishments of our faculty and students up through the month of November.

That’s right. We have so much good news that we’re sharing it once a month rather than once a semester. Interested in past Good News posts? Check them out here.

photo provided by Mark Neely

photo provided by Mark Neely

Mark Neely has won a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Fellowship in Creative Writing/Poetry. This is a $25,000 award, a national award of great distinction. You can see the full list of winners here.

Jackie Grutsch McKinney

  • She won the International Writing Center Association Scholarship Award for Best Book for Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers.
  • Here’s an interview in which she talks about the book.

Frank Felsenstein has been invited to give a lecture on Inkle & Yarico in Barbados in January, in conjunction with a public unveiling of a monument to Yarico. The event is backed by the office of the Prime Minister of Barbados. He was invited by John Kidd, co-producer of Yarico: The Musical. Frank himself has published multiple books on the subject of Inkle and Yarico, and is in talks to give a parallel lecture in London coinciding with the launch of the musical.

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Tyler Fields: Learn How a Local Writing Conference Can Become the Community a Writer Needs

Each summer the Ball State University Alumni Center plays host to the Midwest Writers Workshop. This conference is a three day-long national convention which caters to reading and writing enthusiasts as a resource for learning, publishing, and general writing opportunities. In addition to award-winning authors, instructors, and agents, the conference hosts a number of seminars, lectures, and workshops on writing. This past summer, the MWW added a new segment which sought to focus primarily on social networking. With the help and guidance of English professor Cathy Day, four students and alum were chosen to act as social media consultants during the conference. Maye Ralston, Ashley Ford, Spencer McNelly, and Tyler Fields ran a series of micro-workshops dedicated to tutoring clients on the basics and theories of the relationships between social networking and writing. Below, Tyler Fields, describes his experience as a tutor for the conference as well as his attitudes regarding the importance of community and how social networking can help.

*Photo provided by Maye Ralston
Students Maye Ralston, Ashley Ford, Spencer McNelly, Tyler Fields, and Professor Cathy Day

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Gala Winners’ Profile: Ashley Ford

Each year, the Writers’ Community hosts a Gala in which twenty Ball State undergraduates from all disciplines read their works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The Gala is a competition which produces three winners chosen by judges made up of Ball State creative writing faculty. We congratulate Thomas Dubach, Ashley Ford, and Joseph Samaniego on winning this year’s Gala. In addition to prizes including literary magazines, signed books, and even money, the winners of the Gala are awarded a reading in the spring semester. The 2012 Gala Winners’ reading will take place this evening, April 10, at 7:30 in AJ 175. In honor of this reading and the winners, we have invited each of the three to profile themselves via a short interview. Below is a feature on Ashley Ford, a predominately nonfiction writer.

Reading tonight!

Tonight, there will be a reading at Village Green Records at 7:30 PM to announce the release of the chapbook How to Get a Job as a Mermaid. The chapbook was written as a collaboration between Ashley Ford, Abby Hines, Lindsey LaVal, Layne Ransom, Elysia Smith, and Lora Thompson, all of whom will be reading from their works tonight. The chapbook will be available for $3.

After the reading, there will be a special showing of the film An Island—a short documentary about indie rock band Efterklang from Copenhagen, Denmark. Both events could take place either inside or outside the record store, depending on weather.

Student reading tonight!

Tonight, there will be a student-organized reading at Be Here Now in the Village. The reading will take place at 9:30 and will require a $1 cover for all attendees under 21. The readers, in no particular order, are: Phoebe Blake, David Jessee, Ashley Ford, Cody Davis, and Ryan Rader. Ryan Rader will also be releasing two chapbooks, First Rodeo: Poems and The Millennial Hipster: Superficial Reflections. Come out and enjoy the writing of your peers!