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Why Employer Site Visits Are Essential

By: Macy Jo Byerly, Vanessa Haro-Miracle, and Maggie Sutton

Three #bsuenglish students’ take on employer site visits

Macy: Our career center offers a few employer site visits every semester. I’ve gone on two so far—both were jobs that would not necessarily be something that I thought I could do with my English degree: Indianapolis Zoo and Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Ash Brokerage and Cyclone Social. So why did I sign up?

Who doesn’t love going to the zoo? And Fort Wayne is close to my hometown. But just because you don’t THINK a job site would work with your degree doesn’t mean it won’t! At every visit, you have a chance to ask questions. I always lead with I’m an English major and what experience I have, and they usually tell me where I could fit in–which isn’t always where you’d think it would be.

On the most recent visit to Fort Wayne, I went because I was interested in Cyclone Social, a social media marketing agency, which fits well with my skills and experiences.

Maggie: I signed up for the same site visit at the recommendation of my career coach, Eilis Wasserman. She was very excited that we were going to visit Cyclone Social, because it’s young and millennial focused, offering unlimited vacations and an open office plan structure. Continue reading