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It’s Okay to Geek Out: Morgan Aprill Says “Thanks”

This past May, I found myself crying while sitting in a room full of English staff and students as I was announced as an outstanding graduating senior along with Brittany Means. I was shocked and so thankful for the recognition. Embarrassed and so happy, I accepted the award from Dr. Debbie Mix. I’m glad my work was enough to get me recognized, but I’d like to take this time to thank the people who have taught me and worked with me these past few years. Though I may have earned this recognition for my studies and ambition, I want to make it clear how grateful I am for all the amazing opportunities I had at Ball State and in the English Department.

In the Classroom


Aprill presents her research at the “Digital Literature Review” Gala

I’ve taken part in the Honors program and enjoyed learning about myself alongside Dr. Andrea Wolfe through the humanities sequence.

I learned what kind of writing is expected in literature classes in the first class I took with Debbie.

I laughed at Dr. Robert Habich’s jokes in his American literature courses and marveled at his stories of visiting Walden Pond and various authors’ homes.

I learned about a religion I’d never studied before with Dr. Adam Beach in his British slave narratives class.

I finally had a chance to properly geek out about my favorite author, Charlotte Brontë, in Dr. Joyce Huff’s Victorian literature course, a graduate course she graciously let me take as just a senior undergrad.

And I grew close with my fellow students working on the department’s first undergraduate research journal, the Digital Literature Review, first as an editorial team member and then as the head of the publicity team. Continue reading