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Senior Rebecca Haynes secures job at Ford Meter Box, Inc.

Give a warm welcome to Rebecca Haynes.Rebecca Haynes

Rebecca is a senior English Literature major graduating in December 2014.

After graduation, she will be the Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant at The Ford Meter Box, Inc.

Below, Rebecca talks about her path to employment.

How did you English major lead to your job offer?

As a Literature major, I learned to analyze and think critically.  Part of my job description includes editing and proofing flyers and catalogs.  It is important that I be able to say as much as possible with as few words as possible.  Having lots of experience with writing and communication is a great asset for this aspect of the position.  Part of the job entails working with co-workers and other companies to set up travel details.  Communication is crucial to ensuring all the flights connect and reservations are set.

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Alumnus Ginger Bollinger seeks 60 book recommendations for 60th birthday

Everyone, say hello to Ginger Bollinger.bollinger

Ginger graduated with a B.S. in Office Administration in 1978 and an M.A. in English in 1995. She has had a satisfying and successful career as an Executive Administrator in Fortune 500 and Nasdaq 100 companies in the auto industry and in healthcare as Assistant to the CEO. Ginger currently manages a small consulting business in Boulder, Colorado, but lives in the Twin Cities, just outside Saint Paul. She met her husband, Mark, on a blind date at Ball State in 1973 and they just celebrated their 40th anniversary. They have two sons, a daughter-in-law, and three terrific grandchildren.

Below, Ginger outlines her success, and introduces an important book project that she needs our help with.

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An inquiring mind: a new faculty profile of Kristine Kotecki

Welcome to the latest installment of the English department’s new faculty profile series, where we welcome another new member to our family. Be sure to check out past profiles, which include Silas Hansen, Lupe Linares, Molly Ferguson, Laura Romano, and Vanessa Rapatz.

Say hello to Kristine Kotecki.

Photo provided by Kristine Kotecki

Photo provided by Kristine Kotecki

Kristine earned her Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin in Dec. 2013, and she was most recently a lecturer at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Kristine will be teaching courses in world literature, film, media, and digital humanities. In her research and teaching, Kristine focuses on how the past is imagined in contemporary texts. She has written about film festivals, world literature anthologies, neorealist films, fairy-tale films, Eastern European video film exhibits, and anticolonial historiography.

So, how did you get interested in your interdisciplinary research?

I spent an eventful four years between college and graduate school exploring various paths that someone with an inquiring mind and socially conscious disposition might take.

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Career Week: Friday

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