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Tony West: How Ball State’s English Department Redirected My Life

In our latest post, alum Tony West discusses how he learned about the various opportunities that are afforded by a college education. With the guidance of several instructors from Ivy Tech State College and Ball State University, Tony was able to earn his college degree and then advance to law school and eventually to a position in an Indianapolis law firm. Read below to find out how Tony took advantage of Ball State’s English degree to steer his life out of the factory and into his current career as a lawyer.

*Photo provided by Tony West

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Dr. Rai Peterson Invites You to Come Celebrate her Students’ Work on the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Immersive Learning Project

Our immersive learning project with the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library will debut its traveling exhibit, which incorporates content from our manuscript and film teams, in Bracken Library on July 9 at 2:00 p.m.  All of the students will be on hand to answer questions and talk about how they researched and made these exhibits and marketing plans and products for the KVML.

Our project has maintained high academic integrity because we have told our students that, since it is funded through the office of the Chief Academic Officer at Ball State, that the administration cares about the integrity, accuracy, and research behind every fragment of it.  We hope that you will stop by, ask questions, and thank these students for the very hard work they have done.  Each understands that there cannot be any “C” work in an immersive project, and while the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library is their ostensible client, increasing the good name of Ball State was always their ultimate goal.

It is hard to drum up audience on campus in the summer, but we turn over the products to the KVML on July 19, and we wanted this exhibit to open first on our own campus where the professors and friends whose opinions we value most could see it first.

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