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Interview with Tyler Gobble, president of Writers Community



Tonight at 8pm in The Writing Center (RB 291) is the second meeting of Writers Community of the new academic year. To introduce the organization to those of you who are maybe new to BSU or just haven’t heard of it, we’ve interviewed Tyler Gobble, senior Creative Writing major and current President of Writers Community about the group.


To start off, can you talk a bit about what Writers Community is, especially for those who may be new to BSU?

We are cool people who have a massive mutual love for writing. We get together on Tuesdays at 8 pm in the Writing Center RB 291 to get this stuff off our chests and hands. We read what we like (our stuff and others) and talk and talk and talk, until it hits 9:30 and we have to go home. We are a welcoming bunch, looking for friends and peers who love what we love: words and lots of them. We also showcase this in public with readings, competitions, and this year even a writing-influenced bake sale. We capture all this word magic on the web at and

How did WC come to be?

The Writers Community is a student organization that was started a few years ago by two students and a faculty adviser to be a place for students who share a love for writing to get together to talk about it, as mentioned in the previous question. The beginning, as it was explained to me, came out of the same flame that burns this wick now: we all got these words and we  need to share them. There is also a cool post by Laura Relyea, one of said WC pioneers, on the blog.

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Welcome back!

Hello! Whispers have been circulating around Robert Bell about this year. Lots of them, mysterious in origin as The Shadow or how people learned they could turn horse hooves into a sticky milk for applying their materials gained from the glitter mines of Eastern Europe/Western Asia to their formerly ho hum holiday greeting cards. Since whispers are usually good things to listen to, we will be posting all the info on happenings in the department here, on our Facebook, and on our Twitter. This includes department events and student-run English events (such as poetry readings at various times during the year that always bring a level of enjoyment and excitement contrary to most people’s notions of things of this sort), as well as posts about all things English. This year we will also feature guest posts by faculty and students alike, though this will be by request only.
Today, enjoy this, our sparkling and baby-legged first Friday of the academic year. Cherish the light workload, it won’t take long to feel like a grass-fat pony keeps swan-diving right into your ankles.

Coming soon…Interview with Tyler Gobble, president of BSU’s Writers Community, on the group’s past, present, and future (followed by hyper, electronic echoes, steady zaps, and 21-laser-gun salute–keep your children indoors and out of airplanes).