Kurt Vonnegut Remembered: Dr. Rai Peterson and Andrew Neylon Interview Vonnegut’s Closest Friends and Family

This past July, Dr. Rai Peterson and her student from the KVML immersive learning project, sophomore Andrew Neylon, took a trip to New York City in order to gain an in-depth perspective about Kurt Vonnegut’s life according to his closest family and friends. Be sure to continue below to see photos taken by Dr. Peterson and Andrew Neylon during their research trip in NYC where they interviewed comedian Lewis Black, who has largely been inspired by Vonnegut, as well as Vonnegut’s family, friends, and fans. They shot photographs of his New York habitat, and images from this trip are incorporated into the Film Archive and the manuscript archive that have been donated to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library as of July 19, 2012 after seven months of work.

The KVML project has also garnered local and national attention. Check out three features below from the Indianapolis Star, the Ball State Alumnus Magazine, and the Ball State Marketing and Communications website.

Indianapolis Star Article:

Ball State University Marketing and Communications Features:


Ball State University, Alumnus Magazine (page 22):

-WFYI camera operator Andrew Warren, Dr. Rai Peterson, Comedian Lewis Black, student interviewer Andrew Neylon, KVML Board President Kip Tew
*Photo provided by Rai Peterson

-Student Andrew Neylon on set with comedian Lewis Black
*Photo provided by Rai Peterson

-Annie and Don Farber welcomed us to their apartment to talk about their close friendship with Kurt Vonnegut and Don’s representation of the author as his lawyer and literary executor.
*Photo provided by Rai Peterson

-Our student, sophomore Andrew Neylon talks to Kurt Vonnegut’s close friend Suzanne McConnell in her Chelsea loft about the questions he’ll ask during their interview.
*Photo provided by Rai Peterson

-Kurt Vonnegut’s New York home
*Photo provided by Rai Peterson


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