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Awards Ceremony 2011-12: A Recap

Each spring the English Department hosts an annual awards ceremony which recognizes its undergraduate and graduate students with a number of awards and scholarships. Below is a compiled list of this past year’s recipients as well as photos from the event. We congratulate each of the winners and, as always, are grateful to all who have contributed to the department scholarship funds and allowed us to award over $12,000 to our students in the 2011-12 academic year.

-Tyler Fields reading his poem “On Interpreting” from the Broken Plate
*Photo provided by the English Department

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Education Defined: Katie Zimolzak on How Ball State Helped Refine Her Understanding of Education

Ball State alumna Katie Zimolzak is currently working to earn her third English degree: a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. As Katie prepares to enter into the greater world of academia as a university instructor, she reflects on her educational journey, which has led her from the cornfields of Munice to the metropolitan landscapes of L.A., and her sense of what made her Ball State English degree valuable.  Read below to find out how Ball State provided Katie the unique tools she needed for her prospective career and for life.

I was trying to find a way to write a post for “Life After the English Degree” that didn’t just sound like a litany of praises for the Ball State English Department. Of course, since my life after Ball State lead me to another degree in the same subject (18th and 19th century novel adaptations into film, MA, University of Missouri, 2008), and yet another (adaptation and media persistence writ-large on the 18th century, PhD, University of Southern California, in progress), I have to give credit to the institution that started my “Life During a Perpetual English Degree.”

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Dr. Miranda Nesler on Using Innovative Instruction and Expanding her Classroom to Larger Communities

In the spring of 2012, English Professor Dr. Miranda Nesler instructed a class called “Performing Humanity in the Renaissance” (Eng 363). In creating the course, Dr. Nesler sought to provide  Renaissance content as well as to introduce innovative teaching and learning opportunities. In order to achieve these goals, Dr. Nesler and her class created the blog, Performing Humanity in the Renaissance, which primarily features student posts and which is still active.  In the following guest post, Dr. Nesler writes about her pedagogical experiment.

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Twitter and Toni Morrison: Gaylena Merritt on Discovering Inspiration in Unexpected Places

In our latest guest post, alumna Gaylena Merritt discovers how inspiration and opportunities are sometimes found in unexpected places. Continue reading to find out how such sources as Twitter and a Toni Morrison novel helped Gaylena uncover and rediscover the interests which guided her through Ball State, her master’s degree in Higher Education Administration, and her present position as Manager of Programs at the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.

I recently joined Twitter. This is certainly not an earth-shattering development to the social media-savvy, but for me—the gal who waited to publish a Facebook page until almost a year after the phenomenon swept up my peers—tweeting is a big deal.

I don’t tweet much, but I do tweet-stalk quite often. On a recent Tweetin’ safari, I came across a link to an interview of Toni Morrison in New York magazine. As I began reading the interview, I was taken back to the yellowed and creased pages of my Morrison novels—where I discovered so much more beneath her incredible words.

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