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Everything and Nothing: Kelsi Morrison-Atkins on The Powerful Possibilities of a Humanities Education

This year’s English Department Outstanding Senior Kelsi Morrison-Atkins recently graduated from Ball State with two degrees and a near-perfect GPA. Below, Kelsi offers an account of her experience at Ball State as well as her thoughts on earning two degrees and pursuing yet another in “everything and nothing.” Continue reading to see how Kelsi’s English and Religious Studies degrees have already offered her several notable opportunities including admittance into Harvard University’s Divinity School.

*Photo provided by Kelsi Morrison-Atkins

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Building Their Own Waldos: An Interview with Robert Habich

Last spring, English Professor Robert Habich released his book, Building Their Own Waldos, which was published by University of Iowa Press. The book sets out to understand the dilemma and disagreement among Emerson’s early biographers over how to represent his life. To celebrate the first year anniversary of this book, intern Rhiannon Racy sat down with Dr. Habich to discuss his book, including his research process and some of his more memorable research moments.

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How to Think: Phillip Call Reflects on his Teaching and Learning Philosophy

“What do you stand for?” In our latest post, former BSU English student Phillip Call is forced to confront this daunting question as he enters into his first year of high school teaching. Call discusses many of his teaching endeavors and reflects on his experiences with high school academia including standardized testing. Continue reading to see how, in just one year, Call and his philosophy on teaching and learning have, and are continuing, to evolve.

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From the English Department to the Entertainment Industry

Lydia Storie is the Director of Development for Original Media, the New York City-based independent production company behind the films The Squid and The Whale & Half Nelson and television series The Philanthropist, LA Ink & Swamp People.  Lydia graduated from Ball State University in 2006 with a B.A. in English and History. She also holds an M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Unless you’ve been holed up in the stacks at the BSU library for the past year, you’ve probably heard something about The Hunger Games: the movie, which is based on Suzanne Collins’ young adult novel, recently opened to the third-largest weekend box office ever.   What’s interesting to me (and maybe you) is that the only two movies that, at the time, had done better also originated from literary source material: the final movie in the Harry Potter franchise and The Dark Knight (yes, comics count). [UPDATE: The Avengers has now shattered the record.]

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Dr. Paul Ranieri Quoted In the New York Times!

Here at the English Department Blog, we would like to congratulate Dr. Paul Ranieri on his appearance in the New York Times article, “General Studies Moves to the Mainstream,”  by Eric Platt.  Dr. Ranieri was quoted in his role as the Executive Director of the Association for General and Liberal Studies. According to the AGLS website, “the association works by providing models of teaching and leadership to develop and enhance programs of general education and liberal studies.” I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Ranieri and talk about the New York Times piece, his role as the director of the association, and the importance of a strong liberal education.

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